Istanbul Chess Olympiad R3 Game Pick: Pono Turns the Tables on Rodshtein

The big talk of the third round at the Istanbul Chess Olympiad was undoubtedly the match between defending champions Ukraine and Israel. Ukraine was on the back foot and suddenly the tables turned! Ukraine beat Israel 2.5-1.5. GM Ruslan Ponomariov (2734) on the second board was clearly going downhill, but he turned the tables on GM Maxim Rodshtein (2642). Things were not even all that bad around 22. … BxRe1. By the 25th move, White was almost cruising to a win. Even otherwise, a draw could have been in the offing as far on as at move 50.Nxb2, but 50.Rd2 was played and Ponomariov went into the big think. Soon, Pono was going from dead lost to taking his team home to the winning post! Watch the mating net that spun at the end of this exciting chess game.

Rodshtein, Maxim (2642) – Ponomariov, Ruslan (2734)

Result: 0-1
Site: 0:00.48-0:23.38
Date: 2012.08.30

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 dxc4 3.e4 ¤f6 4.e5 ¤d5 5.¥xc4 ¤b6 6.¥d3 ¤c6 7.¤e2 ¥g4 8.f3 ¥e6 9.¤bc3 £d7 10.¤e4 ¥d5 11.¤c5 £c8 12.¥d2 ¤c4 13.£c2 ¤xd2 14.£xd2 e6 15.¦c1 ¥e7 16.b4 ¥h4+ 17.¢f1 a6 18.a3 f6 19.¤c3 fxe5 20.¤xd5 exd5 21.dxe5 ¤xe5 22.¦e1 ¥xe1 23.£xe1 O-O 24.£xe5 c6 25.¢f2 £g4 26.¤xb7 £h4+ 27.g3 £h6 28.¤d6 a5 29.b5 £f6 30.£xf6 ¦xf6 31.¤f5 cxb5 32.¦b1 ¦b8 33.¤e7+ ¢f8 34.¤xd5 ¦d6 35.¥e4 g5 36.¢e3 ¦h6 37.¦b2 b4 38.¢d4 ¢g7 39.a4 ¦c6 40.¥d3 ¦c1 41.f4 ¦a1 42.fxg5 ¦xa4 43.¦e2 b3+ 44.¢c3 b2 45.¥b1 ¦a3+ 46.¢c2 ¦b7 47.¤c3 a4 48.h4 ¦ab3 49.¤xa4 ¦xg3 50.¦d2 ¦g1 51.¤xb2 ¦c7+ 52.¢d3 ¦xb1 53.¦h2 ¢g6 54.¢e4 ¦e1+ 55.¢f3 ¦f7+ 56.¢g3 ¦e3+ 57.¢g4 ¦ef3

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