Grandmaster Chess Technique: Philidor in the R+B vs. R

Gather all your chess energies for this master chess class today brought to you by #1 chess podcast library
LEVEL: Very Difficult
The Philidor position is one of the key positions in which the stronger side wins in Rook + Bishop vs. Rook. It’s useful to know about it in case you get that endgame in your tournament practice. Sit back and learn chess with Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk and Chess King™.

2 Responses to “Grandmaster Chess Technique: Philidor in the R+B vs. R”

  • Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    Tough technique. I will study it when/if I get the title heh heh thanks but it’s cool – Hail Chess Queen for teaching chess for free.

  • steelkarpov says:

    chess level: Grand Master.
    Yeah maybe we need to study the position for some days.

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