Find Winning Chess Idea, Strategy: Seirawan – Bisguier 1-0

Magic Chess Move and Winning Combination: How did White win in this Seirawan – Bisguier, US Chess Open, 1977, game? Before you jump to concrete calculations and finding the winning move, can you say what is the strategic idea you are looking for?

Indeed, it is only the Black Queen that is preventing the checkmate with Qg5.

Seirawan – Bisguie?

Result: 1-0
Date: 1977

[…] 1.♖e5 dxe5

1…♖b1+ 2.♔g2 or Kh2 2…♕xe5 3.♗xe5 dxe5 4.♕e4+ ♔f6 5.f4 and White cruises on to a win
1…f5 2.♖xa5
2.♖xe6+ ♔f7 (2…♔g7 3.♕f6+ ♔g8 4.♖e8#) 3.♕f6+ ♔g8 4.♖e8#


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