Fide Chess Candidates 2013 R4: Magnus Carlsen-Alexander Grischuk 1-0

Round four at the London Chess Candidates 2013 witness just one decisive game: Magnus Carlsen-Alexander Grischuk 1-0 in Round 4. This allowed the World No. 1 to catch up with Levon Aronian in the lead at the tournament. The Russian GM was doing fine with Black and did have an exchange sacrifice plus a ballistic Kingside onslaught planned that should have given him enough chances to stay in the game. However, time trouble and White’s steady hold turned the result in favor of White. Replay the game with Chess King and read a full round report on Chess Blog.

Carlsen, Magnus (2872) – Grischuk, Alexander (2764)

Result: 1-0
Site: London
Date: 2013.03.19

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥b5 ¤f6 4.d3 ¥c5 5.c3 O-O 6.O-O d6 7.h3 a6 8.¥xc6 bxc6 9.¦e1 ¦e8 10.¤bd2 d5 11.exd5 £xd5 12.¤b3 ¥f8 13.c4 £d6 14.¥e3 ¤d7 15.d4 e4 16.¤fd2 a5 17.a4 f5 18.c5 £g6 19.¤c4 ¤f6 20.¥f4 ¤d5 21.£d2 ¥e6 22.¤bxa5 ¦eb8 23.¤e5 £f6 24.¥h2 ¦xa5 25.£xa5 ¦xb2 26.¦ab1 ¦a2 27.£a6 e3 28.fxe3 £g5 29.¦e2 ¤xe3 30.¤f3 £g6 31.¦xa2 ¥xa2 32.¦b2 ¥c4 33.£a5 ¥d5 34.£e1 f4 35.¥xf4 ¤c2 36.£f2 ¥xf3 37.¦xc2

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