Fide Chess Candidates 2013 R14: Magnus Carlsen – Peter Svidler 0-1

World No. 1 Magnus Carlen had not lost a game since September, 2012. What were the chances that he would lose two games with White within a span of three rounds? That “statistically almost-impossible” event happened in the last round (14th) of the Fide Chess Candidates 2013 in London on Monday. Magnus Carlsen got into time trouble, botched a seemingly balanced position and Peter Svidler kept his cool to take home a fine victory. Earlier, Carlsen had lost his game with White to Vassily Ivanchuk in the 12th round. Read a full report in Chess Blog and replay the game with Chess King.

Carlsen,M (2872) – Svidler,P (2747)

Result: 0-1
Site: London ENG
Date: 2013.04.01

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥b5 a6 4.¥a4 ¤f6 5.O-O ¥e7 6.d3 b5 7.¥b3 d6 8.a3 O-O 9.¤c3 ¥b7 10.¥d2 £d7 11.a4 ¤d8 12.axb5 axb5 13.¦xa8 ¥xa8 14.¤e2 ¤e6 15.¤g3 c5 16.¤f5 ¥d8 17.c4 bxc4 18.¥xc4 ¥c7 19.¦e1 ¦e8 20.£c1 ¤h5 21.g3 g6 22.¤h6+ ¢g7 23.¤g5 ¤xg5 24.¥xg5 d5 25.exd5 ¥xd5 26.¤g4 ¥f3 27.¥f6+ ¢g8 28.¤h6+ ¢f8 29.£e3 ¥b7 30.¥h4 £h3 31.f3 ¤f4 32.gxf4 £xh4 33.¤xf7 ¥xf3 34.£f2 £g4+ 35.£g3 exf4 36.¦xe8+ ¢xe8 37.£xg4 ¥xg4 38.¤g5 h6 39.¤f7 h5 40.¤h6 ¥d1 41.¢f2 f3 42.h3 ¥f4 43.¤f7 g5 44.¢e1 g4 45.hxg4 hxg4 46.¢xd1 g3 47.¢e1 g2 48.¢f2 ¥h2

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