Dortmund Chess 2013 Round 1: Giorg Meier – Arkadij Naiditsch 1-0

The Gruenfeld game was built on novel ideas that fetched White a strong pawn structure, obtained the pair of Bishops and went into a winning Rook endgae despite a slight let-up on move 32. Replay the game with Chess King and read a full report on the round at Chess Blog.

Meier, Georg (2610) – Naiditsch, Arkadij (2710)

Result: 1-0
Site: Dortmund GER
Date: 2013.07.26

[…] 1.d4 ♘f6 2.c4 g6 3.♘c3 d5 4.♕b3 dxc4 5.♕xc4 ♗e6 6.♕b5+ ♗d7 7.♕b3 c5 8.dxc5 ♗c6 9.♘f3 ♘bd7 10.♘d4 ♘xc5 11.♕c4 ♕b6 12.♘xc6 ♕xc6 13.b4 ♘cd7 14.♕xc6 bxc6 15.e3 e6 16.a3 ♗g7 17.♖b1 ♘b6 18.♗a6 ♖b8 19.♗d2 ♘fd5 20.♘xd5 cxd5 21.♔e2 ♘a4 22.♖hc1 ♔d7 23.♖c2 ♖b6 24.b5 ♖hb8 25.♖bc1 ♗e5 26.f4 ♗d6 27.♗b4 ♔e8 28.♖c7 ♗xb4 29.axb4 ♘b2 30.♖1c6 ♘c4 31.♖xa7 ♘d6 32.♖cc7 h5 33.g3 ♔f8 34.♔d3 ♔g7 35.h3 ♔f6 36.g4 g5 37.gxh5 gxf4 38.exf4 ♔g7 39.♔c3 ♔h6 40.♖c6 ♘xb5+ 41.♗xb5 ♖xb5 42.♖xf7 ♔xh5 43.♖xe6 ♔h4 44.♖g7 ♖h8 45.♖d6 ♖h5 46.♖g5 ♖xg5 47.fxg5 ♔xg5 48.♔b3 ♔f5 49.♔a4 ♖b8 50.♖xd5+ ♔e6 51.♖d3 ♖a8+ 52.♔b3 ♖b8 53.h4

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