Don’t-Just-Say-No Chess Puzzle: Can White Really Win?

Here’s the Friday chess puzzle to add some sweetness to your coffee as you plan for a chess-full weekend ahead. The chess event of the moment is of course the London Candidates Chess Matches 2013 (Reports on Chess Blog), but we could still do with a nice chess puzzle for now. In the position on the left, White to play and win. Hint: Don’t look at a move and say ‘Oh, it’s not possible!’ and start calculating something else.

Did you really miss Rf5 thinking “No use the Black King will capture it”? :)

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¦f5 Black King must capture the Rook on f5 else White will simply take the f2 pawn and win on the huge material advantage)

1…¢xf5 and now comes White’s lucky move 2.g4+ “””Again Black might as well capture the g-pawn because going down to protect the Black pawn on f2 loses. For example”


(2…¢f4 3.¢g2 ¢e3 4.¢f1 ¢f3
(4…¢f4 5.g5 ¢xg5 6.¢xf2 ¢f4 7.¢e2 ¢e4 And White is winning with huge material advantage)


3.¢g2 ¢f4 4.¢xf2 ¢e4 5.¢e2 ¢d4 6.¢d2 “And of course White can easily win three pawns versus one

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