Difficult Chess Study by N. Grigoriev, 1936 White Wins

You will need to give this position some serious thought. The Black King is ready to walk over to h8, sac the a pawn and get into a stalemate. The White King won’t find it easy to Queen the pawn. So, how does White win? Don’t be in a rush. Take your time on this chess puzzle. In fact, you just might find an easier ‘human’ solution than a computer’s long, roundabout one 😉 Replay the main lines with the Chess King applet below.

Chess Study by N Grigoriev

Result: 1-0
Date: 1936
[…] 1.♘a2 ♔f8

1…♔g8 2.♔g6 ♔h8 3.♘b4 ♔g8
3…a2 4.♘xa2 ♔g8 and white wins easily with the knight coming over to flush out the Black King from the g8-h8 area 5.♘c3 ♔h8 6.♘e4 ♔g8 7.♘g5 ♔h8 8.♘f7+ ♔g8 9.h7+ ♔f8 10.h8=♕+

4.h7+ ♔h8 5.♘d3 (5.♘c6 a2 6.♘e5 a1=♕ 7.♘f7#) 5…a2 6.♘e5 a1=♕ 7.♘f7#

2.♔f6 ♔g8 3.♔g6 ♔h8 4.♘b4 ♔g8 5.h7+ ♔h8 6.♘d3 Nc6 works as well instead of Nd3 6…a2 7.♘e5 a1=♕ 8.♘f7#

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