Cool Chess King Puzzle: Spot Winning Tactics

White has a nice tactical win here. Can you spot it?

A quick puzzle to check your tactical skills. White to play and win. Spot the tactical shot. Check your answer with Chess King in the applet in the extended post.

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¥f6 gxf6 (1…¦g8 2.£xg7+ ¦xg7 3.¦d8+ ¦xd8 4.¦xd8#) 2.exf6 ¦g8 3.¦d8 ¦cxd8 4.¦xd8 £xg2+ 5.£xg2 ¦xd8 6.£g7# (0:00:29) 1.

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