Clever Chess Puzzle: How can White Win?

Here’s a clever chess puzzle, and you’re getting no hints! How does White win?

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0
[…] 1.♖g8+ (1.♗f2 b5+ 2.♔xa5 ♖f7 And the Rook escapes) 1…♔c7 Trying something like Bf2 to attack the Rook doesn’t work here because of the g5+ pawn check 2.♗d8+ If the King goes to d7 or d6 the Bishop jumps to b6 trapping the Black Rook immediately (2.♗f2 b5+ 3.♔xa5 ♖b7 and the rook escapes) 2…♔c6 (2…♔d6 3.♗b6 ♖a8 4.♖xa8) (2…♔d7 3.♗b6 ♖a8 4.♖xa8) 3.♗b6This is the magic move!3…♔xb6 4.♖c8Creating the deadly zugzwang4…♖a8 5.♖xa8 winning now…:)

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