Chess World Cup Finalist Dmitry Andreikin’s Crucial Tiebreak win over Evgeny Tomashevsky

Reigning Russian chess champion Dmitry Andreikin will take on former World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik in the World Cup finals that begin today in Tromso, Norway. Andreikin, in August 2012, became the 65th Russian Chess Championship in Moscow after winning a rapid playoff against five other players. In the Tal Memorial played in June 2013, Andreikin was the lowest rated player, but he went through the tournament undefeated with eight draws and a win against Kramnik, which gave him a shared third to fifth place.

Speaking about his opponent in the final match the former World Champion pointed out: “I’ve played two games against Andreikin this year and lost both of them. One game I lost by an awful blunder. But that doesn’t make me afraid of him. I still believe I’m a slight favorite in this match. It would be an interesting point to try and take revenge.”

“Yes, it’s true that I have 2:0 against Kramnik but I must say I haven’t played very well in classical chess in this event so far. At one moment I had to use the famous tactic where you’re satisfied with two draws in classical and then try to win in rapid. That wasn’t my goal from the beginning but it happened as I couldn’t get anything with White. I decided to save my energy for rapid. I believe at this level it’s easier to make a draw with Black than to win with White. In any case, I’m sure Kramnik will try to press in classical chess. I’m very happy we have a free day tomorrow as I had only one free day before. It was a long time ago, after the second round when I accidentally won a classical game. The tournament hasn’t finished yet – the final is ahead”.

After the rest day Vladimir Kramnik will play with the white pieces against Dmitry Andreikin on the 30th of August.

Here is the crucial tiebreak win that obtained Andreikin a seat in the Candidates 2014 as well.

Andreikin, Dmitry (2727) – Tomashevsky, Evgeny (2709)

Result: 1-0
Site: Tromso, Norway
Date: 2013.08.28

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.♘f3 ♘f6 3.c4 c6 4.♘c3 a6 5.c5 ♗f5 6.♗f4 ♘bd7 7.e3 g6 8.♕b3 ♕c8 9.h3 ♗g7 10.♗e2 O-O 11.O-O ♘e4 12.♖ac1 ♖e8 13.♘xe4 ♗xe4 14.♘g5 ♘f6 15.♗e5 h6 16.♗xf6 exf6 17.♘xe4 ♖xe4 18.♗f3 ♖e7 19.h4 f5 20.g3 ♕e6 21.♔g2 g5 22.hxg5 hxg5 23.♕d3 f4 24.exf4 gxf4 25.g4 ♕g6 26.♖cd1 a5 27.♖h1 ♖ae8 28.♖h5 ♖e1 29.♖xe1 ♖xe1 30.♕d2 ♖e8 31.♕xf4 ♕f6 32.♖f5 ♕xd4 33.♕c7 ♖f8 34.♕xb7 ♕xc5 35.♕d7 ♕c2 36.g5 ♗d4 37.♗h5 ♕e4+ 38.♖f3 ♔g7 39.♕xc6 ♕h7 40.♕xd5 ♕xh5 41.♕xd4+ ♔g8 42.♖h3

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