Chess King Showcase: Forcing a Won Endgame Naka-Giri 1-0

The position on the left is a won endgame by White from Hikaru Nakamura-Anish Giri at the London Chess Grand Prix Round 10 (Report on Chess Blog). However, this endgame comes with some great ideas going back all the way to 37.h3. See the position below.

In the position above Black has just played 36….d4. white can surely go for Bishop takes Bc6 and cruise along for a draw. But that’s not what chess is all about. Chess is about exploring your opponent’s strength, ideas and resolve to win a game. White replies 37.h3. The game is not won yet. However, watch how dangerous the White bishops become and despite an exchange sac, White is able to bulldoze into a piece-up won endgame. Check out the full game with the super Chess King applet below.

Nakamura Hikaru – Giri Anish

Result: 1-0
Site: FIDE Grand Prix
Date: 2012.10.02

[…] 1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤f6 3.¤xe5 d6 4.¤f3 ¤xe4 5.£e2 £e7 6.d3 ¤f6 7.¤c3 £xe2+ 8.¥xe2 ¥e7 9.O-O O-O 10.h3 h6 11.¦e1 ¦d8 12.¤d4 ¥f8 13.¥f3 c6 14.b4 ¤bd7 15.g3 ¤b6 16.¥g2 a5 17.bxa5 ¦xa5 18.a4 ¤bd7 19.¤b3 ¦a6 20.a5 ¤c5 21.¤xc5 dxc5 22.¦a4 ¤d5 23.¤xd5 cxd5 24.¥f4 ¥d7 25.¦aa1 ¥c6 26.¥c7 ¦c8 27.¥b6 ¥d6 28.h4 ¦aa8 29.¥h3 ¦cb8 30.c3 ¢f8 31.h5 ¦e8 32.¥g2 ¦xe1+ 33.¦xe1 ¦c8 34.¦d1 ¥e7 35.f4 f6 36.¢f2 d4 37.¥h3 ¦a8 38.c4 ¥d6 39.¦e1 ¦e8 40.¥e6 ¦e7 41.g4 ¦e8 42.f5 ¦e7 43.¦e2 ¦e8 44.¦b2 ¦a8 45.¦b1 ¢e8 46.¦e1 ¥e5 47.g5 hxg5 48.h6 gxh6 49.¦xe5 fxe5 50.f6 ¥d7 51.f7+ ¢e7 52.¥xd7 ¢xd7 53.¥xc5 h5 54.f8=£ ¦xf8+ 55.¥xf8 h4 56.¥h6 g4 57.¥g5 h3 58.¥h4 ¢d6 59.¥g3 ¢e6 60.¢e2 ¢d6 61.¢d2 ¢c5 62.¥xe5 ¢b4 63.¢c2 ¢xa5 64.¢b3 ¢b6 65.¥xd4+

Black resigns because the Black pawns down the Kingside are controlled by the White Bishop on the b8-h2 diagonal and White is going to bulldoze down the Queenside for a win. Maybe, Black had some drawing chances by not playing 55….h4, but it would have been a tough call. Have fun with chess and Chess King!

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