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Endgame Chess King Puzzle: Bishop vs Queen!

White to play and win


Can you take on Houdini this Tuesday? Here is an endgame Chess King Puzzle. White to play and win. Yes, the Black pawn on a2 is Queening! You will find the answer when you expand this post in our special Chess King game player.






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Tal Chess Memorial: Carlsen’s Crucial Last-Round Win Over McShane

Last Round is Enough

World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen has become a last round specialist at the Mikhail Tal Chess Memorial. He won the 2011 edition of the traditional tournament by beating Hikaru Nakamura. This Monday, he won the 2012 edition by beating Luke McShane in the last round as well. Carlsen said at the press conference: There have been twists and turns that noone could foresee. As for myself, I thing I played, well I stared slowly. My first three games were not impressive to say the least.

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Tal Chess R8: Tomashevsky Does a Clark Kent against Carlsen!

Clark Tomashevsky Kent to Carlsen: Throw what you can Mr Magnus

An interesting draw was the highlight of Round 8 at the Tal Chess Memorial. Last seed Evgeny Tomashevsky was up against top seed and World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen. But, Tomashevsky was in full form. He handled absolutely everything Carlsen threw at him like the Man of Steel. Carlsen’s missiles went thud, as Tomashevsky held his ground for a frustrating draw – frustrating for the Mozart of Chess that is. Enjoy the game.


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Tal Chess Memorial R7 Game: Tomashevsky-Morozevich 1-0

Play the Board not the Opponent!

Round 7 at the Tal Chess Memorial has a strange distinction. Something no one really expected. Both the leaders – Alexander Morozevich and Vladimir Kramnik – lost their games to players in the bottom half of the draw – Evgeny Tomashevsky and Luke McShane. Here is the Tomashevsky-Morozevich chess game from Round 7. Two more rounds are to be played in the event. The seventh edition of the tournament includes 10 top chess players.
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Chess King is Hiring Chess Master

Thanks to the highly successful introduction of the Chess King™ software in December 2011, we are expanding into new projects and need your help to succeed. We’re looking for one (or more) energetic and cool chess master(s), with an excellent command of English, to participate in various chess projects, as a contractor and/or as a partner. Compensation will be paid based on qualifications and work done. Projects can be few or many, based on the desire of the master. Applicant can live anywhere, all work done by internet. Send applications or questions to with a 30-second MP3 file with own voice recorded. Join the leading team: Chess King™.

Robot World Chess Blitz Championship – ChessKA versus KUKA Monster

We saw the announcement first on about the World Chess Blitz Championship among Chess Robots that will take place on May 19 (11 am – 5 pm Moscow time). This incredible World Chess Blitz event will be held on the Strastnoy Bulvar. Two robots will fight for the title of the World Robot Blitz Chess Champion. The first is called ChessKA and is the creation of Konstantin Kosteniuk, honored chess coach of the Russian Federation (and father of Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk), who is an active inventor and has dozens of registered patents. Read the whole announcement at and see the whole event poster below. Chess King and Chess Queen are sponsoring this event. We will provide videos and games when they are available. This will be an incredibly exciting event!

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Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk endorses Chess King Software

Hello everyone!
The 12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk recorded this 48-seconds video about Chess King. Please watch the video on the YouTube page and give “thumbs up” to the video. Thanks! The code Alexandra mentions in the video will give the best price available for Chess King or Chess King Pro worldwide ($49 at this time whereas list is $99). See the video below.
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Stopa – Kosteniuk Chess960

Alexandra Kosteniuk is preparing a commented chess video about this game of Chess960 (Fischer-Random chess), which she recently played in Saint Louis against IM Stopa.
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Commented Chess Game Kosteniuk – Kurmann

Hello everyone!

With the help of the soon to be published chess software program CHESS KING, we offer you a detailed analysis of the Game from the Swiss National Championship played 2 months ago between Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and Olivier Kurmann of Switzerland. The tactical variations close to the end of the game are spectacular.

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Superfinal 2011: Kosteniuk – Galliamova

Hi everyone!

Below is the first game of the Russian Women’s Superfinal between Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk and 2010 Russian Champion Alisa Galliamova.

We hope you like it.
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Karpov – Korchnoi 1974 Commented Video on ChessKing Français YouTube by Damir Levacic

Hello everyone!

One more brilliant game in the Sicilian Dragon, this time between Anatoly Karpov and Viktor Kochnoi is presented to you by Damir Levacic in French. Enjoy!

We will have many more videos in several languages on our YouTube channel please make sure to subscribe to the channel and give “thumbs up” to the videos you like!
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Fischer – Larsen 1958 Commented Video on ChessKing Français YouTube by Damir Levacic

Hello everyone!

We share a YouTube video in French about the legendary game Bobby Fischer – Bent Larsen, Portoroz 1958.

Thanks to Chess King French commentator Damir Levacic for his excellent work! If you like the video please click “thumbs up!”. Feel free also to embed onto your blogs.
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Chess King Training is born

We are pleased to announce the birth of our new venture CHESS KING TRAINING, which will be specialized in Excellence in Chess Education. Chess King Training will publish a whole range of instructional chess CD-ROMs and DVD’s. It’s official site is: The 6 new software programs are in the press right now, and worldwide shipping is planned for May 20. Until the end of May an exceptional 20% discount is reflected in the prices, and the COMBO provides a significant additional discount. Take advantage of it while it lasts. Visit our shop.

New Chess King T-shirt Designs

Hello everybody!
We have completed the design of our branded T-shirts.
Have a look at them in our gallery on the next page.

Please contact us if interested in pre-ordering any of these designs.

Some designs are on sale in our web shop.

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ChessKing is on YouTube

Hello everybody!
YouTube has granted us, based on our Trademark, the YouTube channel “ChessKing“. We’re preparing for you new educational videos.

Follow Chess King on Twitter!

You can now follow us on Twitter. Our nick is 1ChessKing.

New Chess King Logo

The logo of Chess King has been finalized, we hope you like it. Please contact us for a larger version.

Note that CHESS KING™ is a trademark registered with the United States government, it’s our brand. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Patnership with Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk has accepted to join the Chess King brand with her products and services. You can find more about Alexandra on

Providing Top Quality Chess Products & Services

We introduce to the brand “Chess King” which stands for the best in chess products and services. Over the months and years ahead we will share with you new partnerships and products, which will educate and entertain chess lovers around the world.

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