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Best Chess Gift? Chess King 4, Chess King 4 Pro!

Do you know what’s special about Chess King 4 and Chess King 4 Pro? It’s now the best version of the software which includes the brand new Houdini 4 and Houdini 4 Pro engines.

The software is easy to use and more powerful than ever. The “normal” version is graded “deep” and can handle up to 6 processors, and you could build the ultimate chess system with the “Pro” version which supports up to 32 processors and 256 GB of hash. That’s the one 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk uses because it’s the fastest and she have 8 processors!

On the Chess King Training site, you can buy the downloads today and order the DVDs. It’s possibly the best chess present you can make yourself or a loved one.
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Why Russia’s Chess Queen Trains with Chess King?

Do you know that the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk trains with Chess King? She recently not only won the Chess Olympiad gold as a member of the Russian women’s team, but also the individual gold for her 2639 performance on the third board (7.5/9, 6 wins and 3 draws, no losses). You can read all about this solid chess performance at the Chess Queen blog. Here is the Chess King video on how to use Chess King.

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Konstantin Kosteniuk’s ChessKA is 2012 World Chess Robot Champion!

Konstantin Kosteniuk, the father of the 12th women’s world champion Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, has done it again: his robot “ChessKA” (also called the Chess Terminator), has beaten the Robot KUKA Monster and has won the title of World Robot Chess Champion. We offer you some videos of the event that took place yesterday in Moscow. We’ll try to get you all the videos of the world robot championship match and will post them here. Chess King is proud to have been a sponsor of this event!
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Robot vs. Humans at Chess: KUKA Monster beats Grischuk 4.5-1.5

It was a historical day in Moscow, when a 6-game blitz match between the contender to the Robot World Champion title, KUKA Monster and top Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk (2761 ELO) took place in Moscow. In the first 3 games Alexander was white, and although he had the initiative, he could not beat his metallic opponent. Actually in the third game, he barely managed to draw a Rook endgame with a pawn down. But in the 3 last games where KUKA Monster had white, Alexander was not given any chance, and the robot beat him 3-0. Bottom line, a clear win 4.5-1.5 for KUKA Monster. See also our report on the Robot World Championship KUKA Monster against ChessKA (also called Chess Terminator – That’s the robot created by Konstantin Kosteniuk, the father of the 12th women’s world chess champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. Will Konstantin be able to “create” another world champion? See the photos of the match KUKA Monster – Grischuk below.
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Chess King Sponsors the Full English Breakfast Chess Audio Podcast

Chess King is proud to sponsor the well-known audio podcast “The Full English Breakfast“. FEB is all about chess chats with a coupla cheeky chaps! International Master Lawrence Trent, Grandmaster Stephen Gordon, and host Macauley Peterson sound off on current events in the professional chess world. This week, in Episode #21, called “The Big Boys”, we will hear about Diplomacy, Peace in Switzerland, U.S. Fantasy, and Fix My Wiki! Have a listen to FEB, and if you’d like to support their show, buy Chess King with the $50 coupon code BREAKFAST.

Chess King will sponsor the May 5, 2012 Tucson Chess Fest with Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk

Chess King will be at the Tucson Chess Fest, organized by the organization 9Queens, on May 5, 2012. At the event, 9Queens will honor Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk. Read more on the Chess Queen Blog.

Chess King Sponsors Tennessee All-Girls Scholastic Chess Championship

Chess King is proud to be one of the sponsors of the 2012 Tennessee All-Girls Scholastic Chess Championship. More information can be found on and on

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