Capablanca Chess Endgame: What’s White’s Magic Move?

The Russian system of chess learning begins with the endgame. Here’s a chess puzzle just to pep you up for endgame studies. Can you find the cool magic winning move for White in this chess endgame?

Capablanca vs Edward Lasker

Result: 1-0
Site: London
Date: 1913
[…] 1.h6 “And Black is in zugzwang with the threat of g6 for example…” (1.g6 hxg6 2.h6 (2.hxg6 ♔f6) 2…♔f6 3.h7 ♔g7) 1…a5 (1…f4 2.g6 hxg6 3.h7 through to queening) (1…♔e6 2.g6 ♔f6 (2…hxg6 3.h7) 3.gxh7) 2.g6 hxg6 (2…♔f6 3.gxh7 no stopping the h pawn) 3.h7 unstoppable

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