British Chess Solving Championship 2012 – Checkmate-in-Two Puzzle

The answer to this chess puzzle would have already been sent. This puzzle marks the opening round of a national competition in which Guardian readers have performed with notable success over the years. The annual Winton Capital British Solving Championship has a £1,000+ prize fund and is open to any British resident. You have to work out how White, playing as usual up the board, can force checkmate in two moves, however Black defends. The last date was July 31 for the entries. However, Chess King readers might still like to try their hand at this puzzle from the Guardian article by Leonard Barden. In mid-August all entrants will be sent the starter problem solution plus the BCPS magazine, and those who get it right will also receive a postal round of eight harder and varied problems, with plenty of time to solve them. Easy one!

British Chess 2012

Result: 1-0
Site: UK
Date: 2012

[…] 1.£a4 ¥xc5 2.¥g7# (0:02:15) 1.

We can safely give the answer as the last date for submitting the reply was July 31.

2 Responses to “British Chess Solving Championship 2012 – Checkmate-in-Two Puzzle”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    Sorry folks the one thing I hate about Chess King here is that you guys often mark off difficult problems as easy – cmon have some concern for us mere mortals 😉

  • anonymous says:

    tough call but queen move

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