Not-Again Chess Endgame: What’s White’s Winning Idea?

Well this is it! How many times have you gone “Oh nooo… not that endgame again!”? So, can you win this endgame as White, or would you give up and agree to draw?

All White has to do is not make any random Bishop or Knight move that would allow Black to fork the White Bishop or win the White Knight. Black is in zugzwang and is forced to move the Black Knight in the given position. Moving the Bishop to d5 is a problem as the Black Knight then escapes with a check via d6.

Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¢d5

(1.¥f7 ¤d6+ This loses the Bishop and it is a draw)

1…¤d6 (1…¤c5 2.¢xc5) (1…¤d8 2.¤xd8) (1…¤a5 2.¤xa5) 2.¢xd6

After this, you know how to checkmate with Bishop and Knight right? If not then, learn it quickly with this Chess King post. Have fun with chess.

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