75th Tata Steel Chess R8: Magnus Carlsen – Sergey Karjakin 1-0

By the time you read this, GM Gawain Jones’ comment “Carlsen draws blood out of stone” would have already gone viral on the Internet. Jones would know. He dared sac his Queen against Magnus Carlsen at the London Chess Classic 2012 a few weeks back! The highlight of Round 8 at the 75th Tata Steel Chess 2013 was Magnus Carlsen’s win against Sergey Karjakin. The critical moment occurred at move 67, when Carlsen decided to force matters with 67.g4!? hxg4 68.h5. Karjakin fell for the bluff with 68…Rh1?, where he could have a draw after 68…gxh5 69.f5 h4 70.f6 Kg6 71.Rxf8 Kf5! and black will force a perpetual check, for example: 72.Rh8 g3 72.Ke1 g3 74.Kf1 Rb1 75.Kg2 Rb2. Replay the game with Chess King, watch the post-game video comment by Carlsen and read a report on Round 8 at Chess Blog.

Carlsen,M (2861) – Karjakin,Sergey (2780)

Result: 1-0
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2013.01.20

[…] 1.¤f3 ¤f6 2.g3 d5 3.¥g2 c6 4.O-O ¥g4 5.c4 e6 6.d3 ¤bd7 7.cxd5 exd5 8.£c2 ¥e7 9.¤c3 ¥xf3 10.¥xf3 d4 11.¤e4 O-O 12.¤xf6+ ¤xf6 13.¥d2 a5 14.a3 ¤d5 15.¦ab1 £d7 16.¦fc1 ¦fe8 17.£c4 ¤c7 18.h4 a4 19.¥b4 ¤b5 20.¢g2 h6 21.¥c5 g6 22.£b4 ¥f6 23.£d2 ¢g7 24.¦c4 ¦a6 25.£d1 b6 26.¥b4 c5 27.¥d2 ¤c7 28.¦cc1 ¤d5 29.£h1 ¥e7 30.¢g1 ¦d8 31.¦c2 £e6 32.£g2 ¦a7 33.¦e1 ¦ad7 34.¢h2 ¦c8 35.£h3 £xh3+ 36.¢xh3 h5 37.¦b1 ¦a8 38.¢g2 ¦a6 39.b3 axb3 40.¦xb3 ¥f6 41.¦c4 ¦d6 42.¢f1 ¢f8 43.a4 ¤c3 44.¥f4 ¦e6 45.e3 ¤xa4 46.¥d5 ¦e7 47.¥d6 b5 48.¥xe7+ ¥xe7 49.¦xb5 ¤b6 50.e4 ¤xc4 51.¦b8+ ¢g7 52.¥xc4 ¦a7 53.f4 ¥d6 54.¦e8 ¦b7 55.¦a8 ¥e7 56.¢g2 ¦b1 57.e5 ¦e1 58.¢f2 ¦b1 59.¦e8 ¥f8 60.¦c8 ¥e7 61.¦a8 ¦b2+ 62.¢f3 ¦b1 63.¥d5 ¦e1 64.¢f2 ¦d1 65.¦e8 ¥f8 66.¥c4 ¦b1 67.g4 hxg4 68.h5

(68.¢g2 ¦e1 69.¢g3 ¦g1+ 70.¢f2 ¦h1 71.¢g3 ¦g1+ 72.¢f2 (0:02:54) 67.g4)


(68…gxh5 69.f5 h4 70.f6+ ¢g6 71.¦xf8 ¢f5 72.¦h8 ¦b2+ 73.¢g1 ¦b1+ 74.¢h2 ¦b2+ 75.¢g1 ¦b1+ (0:00:09) 68.h5)

69.hxg6 fxg6 70.¦e6 ¢h6 71.¥d5 ¦h2+ 72.¢g3 ¦h3+ 73.¢xg4 ¦xd3 74.f5 ¦e3 75.¦xg6+ ¢h7 76.¥g8+ ¢h8 77.¢f4 ¦c3

(77…¦e1 78.f6 d3 79.¥b3 ¢h7 80.¦g2 ¦b1 81.¥g8+ ¢h8 82.¥c4 ¥h6+ 83.¢g3 ¦b4 84.¥xd3 ¦b3 85.e6 ¦xd3+ 86.¢g4 (0:00:04) 77.Kf4)

78.f6 d3 79.¢e3 c4 80.¥e6 ¢h7 81.¥f5 ¦c2 82.¦g2+ ¢h6 83.¦xc2 dxc2 84.¥xc2 ¢g5 85.¢d4 ¥a3 86.¢xc4 ¥b2 87.¢d5 ¢f4 88.f7 ¥a3 89.e6 ¢g5 90.¢c6 ¢f6 91.¢d7 ¢g7 92.e7

5 Responses to “75th Tata Steel Chess R8: Magnus Carlsen – Sergey Karjakin 1-0”

  • alexis cochran, nz says:

    strong endgame and i agree with the official commentary of karjakin falling for carlsen’s bluff with g4 etc… sad for karjakin

  • anonymous says:

    So much for all effort

  • anastasia says:

    magnus carlsen is the love of my life


    sorry folks but i would count this as a draw for karjakin(g). Carlsen is just trying to push in drawn games which have a more psychological impact than anything else.


    just want to clarify not trying to pull down carlsen just sad for karjakin

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