75th Tata Steel Chess R1: Pentala Harikrishna’s Endgame Patience Beats Anish Giri

The 75th Tata Steel Chess began in Wijk aan Zee with two decisive games in the first round in Group A. Anish Giri was cruising along and could have squeezed out a draw against Pentala Harikrishna, but the latter’s patience eventually earned him a win. Here is the game you can watch with Chess King and watch the post-game video with the winner. A report on the first round of the 2013 edition of Tata Steel Chess is available at Chess Blog.

Harikrishna,P (2698) – Giri,A (2720)

Result: 1-0
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2013.01.12

[…] 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.¤c3 dxe4 4.¤xe4 ¤d7 5.¤f3 ¤gf6 6.¤xf6+ ¤xf6 7.g3 b6 8.¥g2 ¥b7 9.O-O ¥d6 10.£e2 O-O 11.¦d1 h6 12.c4 £e7 13.¤e5 ¥xg2 14.¢xg2 ¥xe5 15.£xe5 ¦fd8 16.£e2 ¦d7 17.¥e3 ¦ad8 18.£f3 ¤e8 19.b3 ¤d6 20.d5 ¤f5 21.¦e1 £f6 22.dxe6 fxe6 23.¥f4 ¤h4+ 24.gxh4 ¦f8 25.¦ad1 ¦xd1 26.¦xd1 £xf4 27.£xf4 ¦xf4 28.¢g3 ¦f5 29.¦d8+ ¢h7 30.¦d7 ¦c5 31.¦e7 ¢g6 32.¦xe6+ ¢f7 33.¦e4 a5 34.¢g4 ¢f6 35.f4 c6 36.h5 b5 37.a4 bxa4 38.bxa4 ¦f5 39.¦d4 ¦c5 40.h3 ¢e6 41.¦e4+ ¢f6 42.h4 ¦f5 43.¦e8 ¦c5 44.¦a8 ¢e6 45.¦a6 ¢f6 46.¦a7 g6 47.hxg6 ¢xg6 48.¦a8 ¢f6

(48…h5+ 49.¢f3 (0:00:18) 48.Ra8 49…¢f5 50.¦e8 ¦xc4 51.¦e5+ ¢f6 52.¦xa5 c5 53.¦a8 ¢f5 54.¦f8+ ¢e6 55.¦e8+ ¢d6 56.¦a8 ¢d5 57.a5 ¦c3+ 58.¢e2 ¦a3 59.a6 ¦a2+ 60.¢d3 ¦a3+ 61.¢c2 ¢c4 62.f5 ¦f3 63.¦f8 ¦a3 64.¦f6 ¦a2+ 65.¢d1 (0:00:09) 49.Kf3)

49.¦f8+ ¢e6 50.¦e8+ ¢f6 51.¦e5 ¦xc4 52.¦f5+ ¢e6 53.¦xa5 ¢f6 54.¦a8 c5 55.a5 ¦a4 56.a6 c4 57.a7 ¢g7 58.¢f3 c3 59.¢e3

One Response to “75th Tata Steel Chess R1: Pentala Harikrishna’s Endgame Patience Beats Anish Giri”

  • Keith Larkins, Manchester says:

    good beginning by harikrishna his group b victory last year was very steady he richly deserves to play in group a here this year – is carlsen coming up with a win soon enough?

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