75th Tata Steel Chess 2013 R12: Magnus Carlsen – Hikaru Nakamura 1-0

World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen has won the 75th edition of the Tata Steel Chess 2013 in Round 12 – with a round to spare. He destroyed US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura in an attacking game that left Nakamura struggling for breath. Replay the game with Chess King, watch post-game video comment by Carlsen, analysis video of the game with Carlsen, and read a report on the games of Round 12 at Chess Blog.

Carlsen,M (2861) – Nakamura,Hi (2769)

Result: 1-0
Site: Wijk aan Zee NED
Date: 2013.01.26

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.d4 cxd4 4.¤xd4 e5 5.¤b5 d6 6.g3 h5 7.¤1c3 a6 8.¤a3 b5 9.¤d5 ¤ge7 10.¥g2 ¥g4 11.f3 ¥e6 12.c3 h4 13.¤c2 ¥xd5 14.exd5 ¤a5 15.f4 ¤f5 16.g4 h3 17.¥e4 ¤h4 18.O-O g6 19.¢h1 ¥g7 20.f5 gxf5 21.gxf5 ¤g2 22.f6 ¥f8 23.£f3 £c7 24.¤b4 ¤b7 25.¤c6 ¤c5 26.¥f5 ¤d7 27.¥g5 ¦g8 28.£h5 ¤b6 29.¥e6 ¦xg5 30.£xg5 fxe6 31.dxe6 and Black can do nothing about f7, but give up the Queen

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