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GM Chess Strategy Master Class Video with Anatoly Karpov: Level Difficult, White Plays

LEVEL: Difficult
CATEGORY: Middle Game

Anatoly Karpov gives Unzicker a lesson in strategy of particularly high level. Find the best strategic plan for white.

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Super Affordable Chess King Training Store: Now Checkout with Paypal, Pay Later

Have you been to the super Chess King training online shop lately? Now you can check out with Paypal and pay later for some of the world’s strongest chess learning and training software at a most affordable price. The Chess King Training DVD and download Megastore is recommended by 12th women’s world chess champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. You will find here all the newest top selling Chess King products, as well as a wide range of recommended chess software and DVD products at the best possible prices.
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Winning Chess Combination: White to Play

What winning chess tactic can you spot in this chess puzzle for White to play? White has a nice combination to win material and then slowly go for a game victory. How would you play this as White?

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White-Win Chess Puzzle: Checkmate in Two

An easy checkmate in two for a chess weekend – How does White checkmate in two moves? You can solve that in under a minute, right?

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World Champion Commented Chess Game Video: Alexandra Kosteniuk – Hou Yifan 1-0

The 12th Women’s World Chess Champion comments her game versus the 13th Woment’s World Chess Champion! The game was played at the Sport Accord Mind Sports Games in Beijing in 2012. The game is a complicated Sicilian Defence, Scheveningen variation, where White plans a great Kingside attack. Sit back and watch your free master chess class tonight. Check out Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk’s blog post at
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Soft-Kill Chess Study by Baird: White Checkmates in Two

This is a super chess study dating back to 1902 and credited to WJ Baird – a foremost woman chess composer! Read more about her in this Chess Blog post. In the position, White to play and checkmate in two. This will take a little time, so sit back and think!

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