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Commented Chess Game Video: Alexandra Kosteniuk – Zhu Chen 1-0

One of the best ways to improve your chess is to learn from Grandmasters commenting on their games. Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk – the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion – has put up online hundreds of commented game videos, podcasts, puzzles, etc. all for free! Here is a neat video in which GM Alexandra Kosteniuk comments her first game of the semi-final of the 2005 Golden Blitz Tournament Kosteniuk – Zhu Chen. Don’t miss the beautiful setting of the game!

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Magic-Move Chess Puzzle: Botvinnik vs Khrisogon Kholodkevich 1-0

This is a neat magic move in the game Botvinnik vs Khrisogon Kholodkevich, Moscow, 1927. White to play and win. Can you see the winning move?

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Middlegame Chess Puzzle: Jakob Rosanes vs. Adolf Anderssen 0-1

CATEGORY: Middle Game
From the game Jakob Rosanes vs. Adolf Anderssen, 1863. Black plays and wins.

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Smart Chess Puzzle: White Checkmates in Two

White checkmates in two

Want to confuse your computer with a chess problem? Try this checkmate in two! The video is brought to you via our super database of chess video podcasts at
Mate in 2 Chess Problem — presented by guest star GM Almira Skripchenko.
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Blitz Chess Video: Kosteniuk – Gunina World Chess Blitz

Two strong Grandmasters, two Russian champions, two blitz specialists, and two friends… – here’s a chess game video to watch for sure. 12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk wins this game against Valentina Gunina, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia.

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