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Winning Chess Move: White Wins

Playing exchange down White spotted the killer move that finished off the game immediately. Can you find White’s winning move and the idea? Game is Barczay – Erdely, Ungarn, 1975.
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Invincible-Rook Chess Puzzle: Level Intermediate

This very nice chess puzzle is fro the game Steinitz – Van Bardeleben, Hastings, 1895. White plays and wins. For the solution you have a chess video podcast hosted by 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk. You can find lots of such chess video podcasts in the #1 library
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Killer-Pin Chess Puzzle: White Wins

This is the endgame position from Savielly Tartakower – Richard Reti, Vienna, 1920. Black has got into deep trouble. Can you find the shortest win for White?
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Cool Chess Study: White Checkmates in Two

This is a nice chess study to help you look at the entire board. It’s a complicated position, but can White checkmate in two? Try it and have fun learning chess with Chess King.
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Sunday Chess Class: White Wins

How quick can you be in spotting the winning combination here? Don’t take more than 15 seconds! White to play and win. This position is from the game Benko – Gereben, Budapest, 1954.
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Weekend Chess Puzzle: Aaron Nimzowitsch – Gustav Neumann 1-0

Nothing much to do in this position except White to play and checkmate in two. Are you up to the weekend Chess King Challenge?
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Cool-Save Chess Puzzle: Should White Resign?

In this position White really has no way to save the deadly Black attack on g2: Two Rooks, a Queen, and the Knight not far behind. How did White save the game? Can White draw, or should White resign?
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Beijing Chess Grand Prix 2013 Round 1 Games: Topalov, Grischuk and Karjakin Begin with Wins

The first round of the fifth stage of FIDE Grand Prix tournament in Beijing got under way on 4th of July, after FIDE Vice President Mr Chu Bo made the first symbolic move 1.d4 in the game Gelfand-Topalov. Topalov, Karjakin and Grischuk, all playing with black, started with victories, while the other three games were drawn. The excitement started before the first time control as in four out five games one or both players were in dangerous time trouble. In mutual time-trouble Gata Kamsky even lost on time against Alexander Grischuk, while Shakhriyar Mamedyarov came close to do the same. Here are the games from Round 1.
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Killer Chess Move: Vlastimil Hort – Vladimir Savon 1-0

Take a look at this chess position from Vlastimil Hort vs Vladimir Savon, Havana, 1967. White has a killer move for an immediate win. Do you how White won?
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Winning Chess Combinations: Calculate all Lines for White

Here is a very interesting chess position with a magic move that forces Black to resign. The chess question this Tuesday is can you spot the magic move and calculate all the possible variations? The move is easy to spot, but train yourself to calculate all the various lines as well. The Chess King applet in the extended post is sure to help you. Have fun playing and learning chess. Don’t hesitate to post your analysis in the comments section as well.
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Cool Chess Queen Puzzle: White Wins

The Chess King™ Monday Special puzzle is from Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk! Put on your thinking caps and get going with this podcast video from the #1

CATEGORY: Middle Game
From the game Kosteniuk – Gaeva, Verdun 1995.
White plays and wins

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