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Difficult Chess Study by Kubbel, 1925: Try it!

Chess King showcase returns with a super difficult chess study dating back to 1925 from the #1 podcast
LEVEL: Difficult CATEGORY: Study
White plays and wins. The goal is simple: mate the Black King or win the Black Queen. It’s forced. Check out the answer in the video podcast by Chess Killer Tips. (Psst: It’s hosted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk.)
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Caro Kann Surprise 5.Nc5 e5: Wang Hao-Mamedyarov 1/2-1/2

Here’s an interesting new move by Wang Hao against the Caro Kann by Shakhriyar Mamedyarov at the London Chess Grand Prix Round 10. (Report on Chess Blog.) The game ended in a draw, but is a must-watch for all practitioners of Caro Kann if not everyone. Shakhriyar decided to play the Caro Kann Defence, his opening of choice for this tournament. Wang Hao prepared a surprise for his opponent, 5.Nc5, trying to defuse any preparation. “Shak” paused for thought, and then replied 5….e5!? which caught Wang Hao unprepared, as he had not expected Mamedyarov to know this variation deeply. The forced line that followed saw a quick exchange of queens which led to the endgame with a slightly better pawn structure for white.
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London Chess Grand Prix R9: Grischuk’s Closed Sicilian Beats Gelfand

Round 9 was an exciting one at the London Chess Grand Prix with Alexander Grischuk beating Boris Gelfand. The latter has lead for much of the tournament and the lead now goes to Shakhriyar Mamedyarov. Read the full report on Chess Blog. You can see the game below in Chess King applet.
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London Chess Grand Prix: Assess this Endgame!

Here is a position from the London Chess Grand Prix Round 7 (Report on Chess Blog.) The game was between Michael Adams and Boris Gelfand. Black dilutes down to a won endgame, but how to win it? Look at the pawn situation and come up with a strategic idea for Black to win. Remember, you need to think of strategy first before the move pattern here.
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