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Russian Chess Superfinal R2: Gunina’s Devastating Win Over Nadezhda

The Russian Superfinal is surely the strongest national chess championships in the world. Two rounds have already taken place and here is a devastating win by defending champion Valentina Gunina over Nadezhda Kosintseva! Watch the White forces go crashing down the f-file for a win. Don’t forget, both the ladies are on the super-strong Russian national chess team as well.

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Awesome Chess Weekend Puzzle from Lasker Game

White to play for a win!

Sublime chess is a joy forever. Edward Lasker (1885 – 1981) was a leading American chess player who won five U.S. Open Chess Championships (1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921). Here is a position from one of his most famous chess games. Can you figure out how to play this position for a White win? In fact, it’s incredible to get this position in the first place! Replay the entire game with Chess King in the extended post.

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Biel Chess Fest R10: Wang Hao-Anish Giri 1-0

Wang Hao-Anish Giri Biel R10 final position. Can you win this?

Wang Hao has beaten Anish Giri in the last round to win the 45th Biel Chess Festival ahead of defending champion Magnus Carlsen. Luck favored Hao as Carlsen failed to beat Etienne Bacrot in the last round and had to settle for a draw. Hikaru Nakamura beat Viktor Bologan to catch Giri in 3rd-4th. The 2012 Biel Chess Festival took place from July 23 to August 2 with six players in the Masters Group. Read the final report at Chess Blog.

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Biel Chess Fest R9: Bologan the Knight Raider Against Wang Hao

The spring wind egged Viktor Bologan’s steed onwards in a cool Sicilian journey across the chess board against Wang Hao. Bologan pulled off a nice victory over Wang Hao in the ninth round at the Biel Chess Festival. This only queered the pitch. Wang Hao and Anish Giri met in the last round just a point behind Magnus Carlsen.

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Master Chess Game: Holding Bobby Fischer in Zugzwang

Mikhail Tal the Genius

How does it sound to know that a Grandmaster held the legendary World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer in zugzwang before wiping him out with White? Mikhail Tal did just that in 1959. A queen sacrifice and rooks doubled on the back rank with a helpless Black… a game not to be forgotten easily! You can find more such great master chess games in GigaKing.

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Biel Chess Fest R8: Giri Turns the Tables on Bacrot

The Biel Chess Festival is a round-robin among top six GMs – Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Etienne Bacrot, Wang Hao and Viktor Bologan. According to the traditional standings after eight rounds, Magnus Carlsen leads with 6.0 points. Wang Hao and Anish Giri have 5.5 points each. Hikaru Nakamura is on 4.0. Etienne Bacrot has 2.5 and Viktor Bologan, who is filling up for Alexander Morozevich, has 0.5.
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Quick Chess Puzzles: All Checkmates in Two!

Time for a quick dose of tactical positions with checkmates in two. Keep the Chess King training software handy on your desktop and solve puzzles between work and during breaks. Your chess rating is going to head northwards. Extend the post to try three more puzzles. White to play and checkmate in two in all.

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