$199 for All you Ever Need to Become a Chess Master (13 Disks)

Have you been looking for chess training material – books, DVDs, computer software and even bought stuff, but nothing has helped? Do you browse chess shopping sites and feel everything is too costly? Training can be quite a load on your pocket, particularly if you are looking to get to the master level. Finally, here’s a set of 13 discs that is all you will ever need to become a Grandmaster – a strong one at that!
All of that at a 50% discount for a short while at $199.95!
Old Price: $399.00 Price: $199.95 You save: $199.05

Ultimate Super Combo (13-Disk)

The Ultimate Chess Combo.

Previously called the “Become a Master 12-Disk Chess King Training Super Combo”, now by popular demand we have added the top of the line best selling chess software package Chess King 4 Pro with Houdini 4 Pro. to give the 13-disk package at our maximum discount.

The perfect combination of 13 hours of DVD instruction in all areas of chess, with over 3,000 interactive chess positions to test your knowledge. Includes full sets of Complete Chess Course (Opening Principles, Tactics and Strategy, and Endgames), Chess Opening Ideas (Open Games 1.e4 e5, Semi-Open Games 1.e4 non-e5, and Closed Games), and the popular interactive CD-ROM learning and testing programs.

Watching the whole DVD courses and testing your skills are guaranteed to increase your level at chess significantly.

Contains the perfect combination of educational and entertainment tools to go beyond the basics of chess: Interactive chess teaching programs, DVD-video instruction, and complete powerful chess playing program.

Chess King 4 Pro With Houdini 4 Pro. [New]

Chess King 4 Pro with Houdini 4 is the new version for 2014 of the top selling Chess King chess software, in its absolutely strongest version.

Chess King 4 Pro now includes the just released major release of Houdini 4 Pro super grandmaster engine and the updated GigaKing game database is the largest available with over 6 million games.

Be the first to get Chess King 4 Pro or surprise a loved one with the best chess gift of the year. Ships by December 18 in time for Christmas! All USA orders upgraded for free to Priority Mail.


Chess King 4 Pro is a new and versatile tool for chess players and is an ideal introduction for the beginner, a challenging opponent for the practiced amateur, and an invaluable coach for the aspiring master. Chess King emphasizes simplicity of use in training players. However, it is more than just a traditional training program as it includes an extremely strong chess engine and a huge professional database. It is also a convenient tool for analyzing and studying one’s opponent before facing them at a tournament. Buying Chess King 4 Pro is like getting several products and paying only for one, a professional chess software system, the largest game database available GigaKing, the super grandmaster chess engine Houdini 4 Pro, 1500 chess puzzles for all chess levels, a unique random playing mode, and much, much more. Included: Houdini 4 Pro, GigaKing Database of over 6 million games, Full opening tree, Chess puzzles, over one hundred opening positions, Photos of over 1600 chess players. Houdini 4 Pro – a chess engine rated well above 3000 Elo is the best choice for analysis. Considering such a strong engine can be frustrating to play against, Houdini 4 Pro includes various kinds of handicaps that can be set up using the Chess King interface. The version of Houdini 4 Pro that comes with Chess King is a multi-processor one which supports up to 32 cores. The GigaKing database includes games from the 16th century up to December 2013. The full opening tree is a statistics database of positions in the GigaKing database to render search and evaluation results lightning fast. Full Chess960 support. The program is very easy to use, with over 20 video tutorials available on the publisher’s site and a possibility to send questions and feedback to the authors.

Old Price: $399.00 Price: $199.95 You save: $199.05

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