World Chess Team Championship 2013: Hikaru Nakamura – Li Chao 1-0

The World Chess Team Championship 2013 is being played in Antalya, Turkey. Five rounds have been played and Ukraine leads with 10 match points. In second place is Russia with 7 match points. Here is a nice game from the US versus China match between Hikaru Nakamura and Li Chao B in the Reti-turned-English system. Enjoy a chess Sunday.

Nakamura, Hikaru – Li, Chao B

Result: 1-0
Date: 2013.11.30

[…] 1.♘f3 ♘f6 2.c4 g6 3.♘c3 d5 4.cxd5 ♘xd5 5.♕b3 ♘b6 6.d4 ♗g7 7.e4 ♗g4 8.♗b5+ c6 9.♘g5 e6 10.♗e2 ♗xe2 11.♘xe2 ♗xd4 12.♘xd4 ♕xd4 13.♗d2 ♕c5 14.♖c1 ♕e7 15.a4 ♘8d7

15…O-O 16.a5 ♘c8 17.e5 ♘d7 18.f4 ♘c5 19.♕h3 h5 20.♕e3 b6 21.b4 ♘a6 22.♕e4 ♖d8 23.♕xc6 ♖b8 24.♕c4 ♕b7 25.♘e4 ♘e7 26.♕e2 ♘f5 27.♘f6+ ♔g7 28.O-O bxa5 (0:00:11) 15.a4
15…♘a6 16.a5 ♘c8 17.e5 ♕c7 18.O-O ♘e7 19.♘e4 O-O-O 20.♘d6+ ♔b8 21.♗g5 ♘f5 22.♗xd8 ♖xd8 23.♘xf5 gxf5 24.f4 ♖d2 25.♖fd1 (0:00:11) 15.a4

16.a5 ♘c8 17.♕xb7 ♖b8 18.♕xc6 O-O 19.♘f3 ♖d8 20.O-O e5 21.♖fd1 (21.♗g5 f6 22.♗e3) 21…f6 22.♗h6 ♔f7 23.♕c4+ ♕e6 24.♕c7 ♔e8 25.♖xd7 ♕xd7 26.♕xb8 ♘b6 27.♘xe5 ♖xb8 28.♘xd7 ♘xd7 29.h4 ♖b5 (29…♖xb2 30.♖c8+ ♔e7 31.♖c7) 30.♖c8+ ♔e7 31.♖h8 ♖xb2 32.♖xh7+ ♔e6 33.♗e3 a6 34.♖g7 ♘e5 35.♗c5 f5 36.♗d4 ♖b1+ 37.♔h2 ♖b5 38.♗xe5 ♔xe5 39.♖xg6

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