World Chess Cup Round 5: Vladimir Kramnik – Anton Korobov 1-0

The World Chess Cup being played in Tromso, Norway is now in the fifth round. The knockout tournament has only eight players left from a pool of 128. In the first game of Round 5, all other games were drawn, but Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Kramnik beat Anton Korobov with a nice finesse. Replay the game with Chess King.

Kramnik, Vladimir (2784) – Korobov, Anton (2720)

Result: 1-0
Site: ?
Date: 2013.08.23

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.♘f3 ♘f6 3.c4 c6 4.♘c3 dxc4 5.a4 e6 6.e3 c5 7.♗xc4 ♘c6 8.O-O cxd4 9.exd4 ♗e7 10.♕e2 O-O 11.♖d1 ♘d5 12.♗d2 ♘cb4 13.a5 ♗d7 14.♘xd5 ♘xd5 15.♘e5 ♗e8 16.♕f3 f6 17.♘d3 ♗f7 18.♕g4 ♔h8 19.♘c5 ♗xc5 20.dxc5 ♕c7 21.a6 bxa6 22.b4 ♖fd8 23.♖xa6 h5 24.♕f3 ♖ab8 25.♗e1 ♘xb4 26.♖xd8+ ♕xd8 27.♖xa7 ♔g8 28.c6 ♘d5 29.♖b7 ♖c8 30.♗b5 ♕d6 31.♕e4 ♕c5 32.h3 g6 33.♗d2 ♖xc6

33…♖a8 34.♕b1 ♕d4 35.♕c2 ♖c8 36.♗a4 ♗e8 37.♗h6 ♕a1+ 38.♔h2 ♕e5+ 39.g3 ♘c3 40.♗b3 ♖xc6 41.♖g7+ ♔f8 42.♕d3 f5 43.♖xg6+ ♔f7 (0:00:10) 33.Bd2
33…♘e7 34.♕f4 ♘d5 35.♕a4 ♗e8 36.♕e4 ♗f7 37.g3 e5 38.♕d3 h4 39.gxh4 ♘c7 40.♗a4 ♔g7 41.♗e3 (0:00:10) 33.Bd2

34.♗xc6 ♕xc6 35.♕b1 g5 36.h4 gxh4 37.♗h6 ♘c7 38.♖a7

38.♕b4 something that Kramnik said would have finished the game much sooner for example 38…♔h7 39.♕f8 ♔g6 40.♕g7+ ♔f5 41.♕xf7 ♕xb7 42.♕xh5+ ♔e4 43.♕f3+

38…♘b5 39.♕b4 ♘d6 40.♕b8+ ♘e8 41.♖e7 (41.♕b4 ♘d6 42.♕xh4) 41…e5 42.♔h2 h3 43.gxh3 ♔h7 44.♗e3 ♔g8 45.♕b1 ♕d6 46.♕g1+ ♔f8 47.♖a7 ♘c7 48.♕c1 ♘e6 49.♕c8+ ♔g7 50.♕e8 ♘c7 51.♕b8 now the Knight goes

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