World Chess Cup 2013: Anton Korobov Knocks out Hikaru Nakamura

Round 4 at the World Cup 2013 witnessed a shock defeat for the former US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura at the hands of Ukraine’s Anton Korobov. Nakamura suffered the pain of a bad light-squared Bishop buried in by himself. It was as if White played much of the game a piece up. Every exchange brought Korobov closer to victory. Replay the game below with Chess King.

Korobov, Anton (2720) – Nakamura, Hikaru (2775)

Result: 1-0
Site: Tromso, Norway
Date: 2013.08.21

[…] 1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.♘c3 e6 4.e3 ♘d7 5.♘f3 f5 6.♗d3 ♘h6 7.♕c2 a6 8.h3 ♕f6 9.♗e2 ♘f7 10.g4 g6 11.gxf5 ♕xf5 12.e4 dxe4 13.♘xe4 ♘f6 14.♘xf6+ ♕xf6 15.♗d2 ♗g7 16.O-O-O O-O 17.♗b4 ♖e8 18.♘e5 b6 19.♘g4 ♕f5 20.♗d3 ♕h5 21.f4 ♗b7 22.c5 b5 23.♗a5 ♖e7 24.♗e4 ♖f8 25.♗f3 ♕f5 26.♕xf5 exf5 27.♘e5 ♖c8 28.♖de1 ♗h6 29.♗d2 ♘d8 30.♗d1 ♘e6 31.♗b3 ♖ce8 32.h4 ♔g7 33.♗xe6 ♖xe6 34.h5 ♖h8 35.♔c2 ♔g8 36.♖hg1 ♗g7 37.hxg6 hxg6 38.♘xg6 ♖xe1 39.♖xe1 ♖h7 40.♘e7+ ♔f7 41.d5 cxd5 42.c6 ♗a8 43.c7 ♗b7 44.c8=♕ ♗xc8 45.♘xc8 ♖h6 46.♘e7 ♖h2 47.b4

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