World Chess Match Chennai Game 1: Carlsen applies “emergency brakes,” settles for 16-Move Draw with Anand

World Chess Match 2013 Game 1 no fireworks. World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen went for 1.Nf3 flowing into an offbeat double fianchetto, but by the 16th move, as he confessed at the press conference, had to “apply the emergency brakes” and accept World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand’s draw by repetition. Chess fans worldwide, a tad disappointed, still viewed it as a moral victory for the World Champion as Vishy Anand held an easy draw with Black. Viswanathan Anand plays White in the second game on Sunday tomorrow. Meanwhile, replay the game below with Houdini analysis. More news reports on the World Chess Championship are up on Chess Blog.

Magnus Carlsen – Viswanathan Anand

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Chenna, India
Date: 09.11.13

[…] 1.♘f3 d5 2.g3 g6 3.♗g2 ♗g7 4.d4 c6

4…♘f6 5.♘c3 O-O 6.O-O ♘c6 7.♗f4 ♘e4 8.♘b5 ♘d6 9.a4 ♗f5 10.c3 ♕d7 11.♕b3 e6 (0:00:03) 4.d4
4…♘c6 5.c4 dxc4 6.d5 ♘e5 7.♘xe5 ♗xe5 8.♕a4+ ♕d7 9.♕xc4 ♘f6 10.♘c3 O-O 11.O-O ♖d8 12.♖d1 ♕g4 13.♕d3 ♕b4 14.a3 ♕b6 15.b4 (0:00:06) 4.d4

5.O-O ♘f6 6.b3

6.♗f4 O-O 7.♘c3 ♘a6 8.h3 ♘c7 9.♕d2 ♗f5 10.g4 ♘e4 11.♘xe4 ♗xe4 12.♘g5 ♗xg2 13.♔xg2 ♕d7 14.e3 (0:00:03) 5…Nf6
6.♘c3 O-O 7.h3 ♘a6 8.♗f4 ♘c7 9.♕d2 ♗f5 10.g4 ♘e4 11.♘xe4 ♗xe4 12.♘g5 ♗xg2 13.♔xg2 ♕d7 14.e3 (0:00:04) 5…Nf6

6…O-O 7.♗b2 ♗f5 8.c4 ♘bd7 9.♘c3 dxc4 10.bxc4 ♘b6 11.c5

11.♕b3 ♗e6 12.d5 cxd5 13.cxd5 ♘fxd5 14.♘g5 ♖c8 15.♘xe6 fxe6 16.♖ac1 ♘xc3 17.♗xc3 ♗xc3 18.♖xc3 ♖xc3 19.♕xc3 ♕d7 20.♕b3 ♖d8 21.♖c1 ♘d5 22.e4 ♘f6 23.♗h3 ♕d2 24.♕xe6+ ♔h8 (0:00:04) 10…Nb6

11…♘c4 12.♗c1 ♘d5 13.♕b3 ♘a5

13…b5 14.a4 ♘a5
14…a6 15.axb5 axb5 16.♖xa8 ♕xa8 17.♘xd5 cxd5 18.♘h4 ♗e6 19.♕d3 ♕c6 20.♖e1 ♖a8 21.e4 ♖a1 22.exd5 ♗xd5 23.♗xd5 ♕xd5 24.♘f3 b4 25.♕b3 (0:00:00) 15.Qb3

15.♕b2 a6 16.axb5 axb5 17.♘e5 ♗xe5 18.dxe5 ♘c4 19.♖xa8 ♕xa8 20.♕b3 ♘xc3 21.♕xc3 ♕b7 22.♖d1 ♖a8 23.♕d4 ♕c7 24.g4 ♗c2 (0:00:06) 15.Qb3


14.♕b2 b6 15.♕a3 ♘c4 16.♕b3 b5 17.a4 ♘xc3 18.♕xc3 a6 19.♗f4 ♕d7 20.♘e5 ♘xe5 21.♗xe5 ♗xe5 22.dxe5 ♖fd8 23.♕a5 ♖ac8 24.axb5 axb5 25.♕b6 ♕e6 (0:00:00) 13…Na5


14…b6 15.♖e1 ♘xc3 16.♕xc3 ♗e4 17.♗g5 ♖e8 18.♗e3 ♕d5 19.♖ec1 ♖ed8 20.♕b4 ♖d7 21.♗h3 e6 (0:00:04) 14.Qa3
14…b5 15.♘xd5
15.♕b2 ♘c4 16.♕b3 ♘xc3 17.♕xc3 ♗e4 18.a4 ♕d5 19.♗f4 a6 20.♖fd1 h6 21.♗h3 g5 22.♗e5 ♗xf3 23.♗xg7 ♗xe2 24.♗g2 ♕e6 (0:00:05) 14…b5

15…cxd5 16.♗f4 ♘c6 17.♕e3 ♖c8 18.♖fd1 ♕a5 19.♘e5 e6 20.♘xc6 ♖xc6 21.a3 ♕a4 (0:00:02) 14…b5

15.♕b3 ♘a5 16.♕a3 ♘c4

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