Women’s World Chess Championship 2013 Game 2: Hou Yifan – Anna Ushenina 1/2-1/2

Reigning Women’s World Chess Champion Anna Ushenina of Ukraine held her ground and drew the second game with Challenger Hou Yifan at the World Chess Championship currently on in China. Ushenina trails in the match as she lost the first game. Read a full report on Round 2 on Chess Blog. You can replay the game in the Chess King applet below.

Hou, Yifan – Ushenina, Anna

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: taizhou
Date: 2013.09.12

[…] 1.e4 c5 2.♘f3 ♘c6 3.d4 cxd4 4.♘xd4 ♘f6 5.♘c3 e5 6.♘db5 d6 7.♗g5 a6 8.♘a3 b5 9.♘d5 ♗e7 10.♗xf6 ♗xf6 11.c3 ♗g5 12.♘c2 ♘e7 13.♘cb4 O-O 14.♗e2 a5 15.♘xe7+ ♕xe7 16.♘d5 ♕b7 17.♕d3 b4 18.h4 ♗d8 19.g3 ♗e6 20.♖d1 bxc3 21.bxc3 ♗b6 22.♘xb6 ♕xb6 23.♕xd6 ♕xd6 24.♖xd6 ♗xa2 25.♔d2 ♖fb8 26.♖a1 ♖b2+ 27.♔e3 ♖c8 28.c4 ♔f8 29.♖d2 ♖xd2 30.♔xd2 ♗xc4 31.♖xa5 ♗xe2 32.♔xe2 ♖c2+ 33.♔e3 f6

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