Winning Chess Idea: How can White Win?

This is a cool position from the game Saunina – Chekhova, Sochi, 1980. White finds the winning idea easily. Can you see how white wins? Check out all the threats and notice that the Black King is locked up on h8.

Saunina – Chekhova

Result: 1-0
Site: Sochi
Date: 1980

[…] 1.♖xe4 ♕xe4 2.♘g5 Too many threats now – The Black Queen is attacked, but if it leaves the b1-h7 diagonal then Qh7 is checkmate, otherwise there is also the Nf7 checkmate threat 2…♕g6

2…♖xg7 3.fxg7+ ♗xg7 (3…♔xg7 4.♘xe4 the Black Queen is lost) 4.♘xe4

3.♕xh7+ ♕xh7 4.♘xf7#

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