Weekend Chess Puzzle Checkmate in Two

Quick solution is at hand then why should you struggle with a long-drawn game. White to play and checkmate in two! Check out the solution in the Chess King applet.

Yes, if you try to promote the f-pawn to a Queen or any other piece then it takes longer for White to win. If you try moving the Bishop, the Black King captures the Knight on h-7 and again it takes longer to win. We want a checkmate in two for White. Can you spot anything else, but the nice 1.Nf8 as the winning shot!

Quick Chess Puzzle

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.¤f8 ¢xf8

(1…¢h8 2.¥f6# (0:00:01) 1…Kh8)

2.¥h6# (0:00:16) 1.

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