Trick Chess: Can White Really Win?

This chess puzzle was just sent in by @chessking follower swakilki on twitter. We tried to figure it out, but could get the answer only with some help. 😉 How about you? Can White really win this position with a forced line?

Chess Study

Result: 1-0

[…] 1.d7 Black King forced to try stop the pawn. 1…♔c7 2.d8=♕+ forced to take 2…♔d8 3.O-O-O+ and wham! there’s the trick move. Got you! Now any move by the Black King to escape check allows the Black Rook on b2 to fall. 3…♔c7 4.♔xb2

2 Responses to “Trick Chess: Can White Really Win?”

  • Craig Pendlebury says:

    3. O-O-O is a bolt from the blue, but I thought 1.Rd1+ was enough to win. Surely the pawn promotes? At best 1…Ra1 (or g1/h1) 2.d7 and even if the rook gets to the 8th rank the pawn promotes, 3…RxQ 4.RxR

  • Sebastian Wolff, Washington says:

    maybe i miss something – i was lookin at 1.Rd1 Rh2 2.d7 Rh1+ 3.king moves RxR 4. if White takes Rook then Black King catches pawn and if White rolls pawn then Black Rook takes Queen…

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