Thanksgiving Chess Puzzle: How does White Win?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and let’s say it with a chess puzzle. In the position, how does White win? Should White play 1.Qh6?

Richter – Kahn

Result: 1-0
Site: Prague
Date: 1931

[…] 1.♕h6+ of course Black need not capture the Queen, but it’s still lost any way then… 1…♖xh6

1…♔e7 2.♘g8+ ♖xg8 3.♗g5+ f6 4.exf6+ ♔f7 (4…♕xf6 5.♗xf6+ it’s losing) 5.♕h7+ ♔f8 6.♗h6+ ♖g7 7.♕xg7#

2.♗xh6+ ♔e7 3.♘g8#

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