Test-Your-Calculation Chess Puzzle: Is there a Checkmate?

How far do you calculate? Here’s a nice position from the game Hertan – R MacDonald. White has managed to get their attack going, but where does it all lead to? Study the position and calculate as far as you can. How can White play? Then, check your answer with the Chess King applet!

In fact, it’s a forced checkmate! Did you calculate all the way?

Hertan – R. MacDonald

Result: 1-0
Date: Amherst, 1999

[…] 1.£xh7+ ¢xh7 2.¦f7+ ¥g7 (2…¢h8 3.¦h6+ £h7 4.¦hxh7#) 3.¦gxg7+ ¢h8 4.¦h7+ £xh7 5.¥d4+ £g7 6.¥xg7+ ¢h7 7.¥c3+

(7.¥e5+ ¢h6 8.¥f4+ ¢h5 9.¦h7# (0:00:13) 7.Be5+)
(7.¥f8+ ¢h8 8.¤g6+ ¢g8 9.¦g7# (0:00:10) 7.Bf8+)

7…¢h6 8.¥d2+ ¢h5 9.¦h7# (0:00:27) 1.

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