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World Chess Championship Video: Mariya Muzychuk – Kosteniuk 0-1 Chess Blitz

12th Women’s World Chess Champion and Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk wins this game against Mariya Muzychuk, at the 2010 Women’s World Blitz Championship in Moscow, Russia. Enjoy.

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Why Russia’s Chess Queen Trains with Chess King?

Do you know that the 12th Women’s World Chess Champion, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk trains with Chess King? She recently not only won the Chess Olympiad gold as a member of the Russian women’s team, but also the individual gold for her 2639 performance on the third board (7.5/9, 6 wins and 3 draws, no losses). You can read all about this solid chess performance at the Chess Queen blog. Here is the Chess King video on how to use Chess King.

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$10 Discount + 25 New Chess King 4 Video Tutorials!

For everyone excited about the new Chess King™ 4 for Mac launch last week, here’s another announcement to cheer about. You get $10 off on all purchases above $50 at the Chess King™ Online Store! Also, Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk has recorded two brand new video tutorials for Chess King™ 4. Together with Steve Lopez’ wonderful new 23 video tutorials you’ve got more than two hours of tutorials… guaranteed to make you a super user of Chess King™, ready to go and win more chess games. Find out more at 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk’s personal blog –

World-Champion Chess Strategy Video: Alexandra Kosteniuk – Shen Yang 1-0

How does a world champion plan a strategy? Here is an insight into a world-class Grandmaster’s mind with explanations. Sit back and enjoy this rare treat brought to you by If you want to play like this, train with Chess King.

LEVEL: Difficult
CATEGORY: Middle Game

From the game Alexandra Kosteniuk – Shen Yang, Beijing 2008. White plays and wins. True strategical thinking required.

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Awesome Chess King Products now on Amazon

All Chess King™ products are now available on Amazon! There are more than 20 chess items to choose from: Chess Queen™ Metal Keychains, Chess King™ Metal Keychain, Chess Assistant 13 Starter Package [DVD-ROM], Chess King with Houdini 2 (DVD), Houdini 3 Aquarium [DVD-ROM], Chess Tactics ART for Beginners [CD-ROM], Chess Assistant 13 Professional Package [DVD-ROM], Houdini 3 Aquarium [DVD-ROM], Chess King Training Combo All 6 Cd-roms [CD-ROM] Windows, Chess Strategy – Become a Grandmaster [CD-ROM], Chess Openings What You Need to Know [CD-ROM], Chess Blitz Fever [DVD], Alexandra Kosteniuk My Best Chess Games DVD [DVD] [2009], Chess Tactics Level 1 [CD-ROM], Chess King’s Guide to Opening Ideas 3 DVD Combo [DVD]… and lots more.

A Chess Study from 1898: Give it a Shot!

Do you that you will feel good after solving this Intermediate-level chess study? True, try it! It is White to move and play for a win. This is a 1898 miniature chess study by Troitzky. The puzzle is brought to you by the super #1 database of chess video podcasts at The podcast show is hosted by 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk.
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Close-the-Door Chess Puzzle: Play Like Chess Queen™ Kosteniuk

A chess puzzle from the award-winning ChessKillerTips database of podcasts hosted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk: This puzzle is LEVEL: Easy, CATEGORY: Middle Game
Black plays and wins. From the game Romieux – Kosteniuk, Paris 2008.
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Weekend Chess King Class: Do You Know the Enfilade Trick?

Chess King is ready with an endgame lesson for you. There is a very useful technique called Enfilade. This position was taken from a 1737 chess book. Can you quickly spot how White plays and wins? Check your answer with the award-winning podcast series hosted by Chess Queen™ Alexandra Kosteniuk.
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Chess Analysis Video Game Kosteniuk – Kurmann 1-0

One of the most-talked about chess games at the Swiss National Chess Tournament 2011 was Alexandra Kosteniuk-Olivier Kurmann in Leukerbad (Loeche-les-Bains). There’s a beautiful Queen Sacrifice happening there with a neat combination starting at 16. c5! Who says 1. d4 always lead to quiet games! Check out the complete Chess King game video channel at ChessKing. Also read the Chess Queen blog post on the game that includes a Chess King applet of the game.

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Chess King and Chess Queen Tango Puzzle – Double Twist

How about a chess date tonight? Chess King and Chess Queen go for a dance and dinner of checkmates. By the way, Knights on the rim are not dim this time around. First, White to play and checkmate in three. The second time, White to play and checkmate in two. Enjoy the romantic dance. Find the answer in the extended post.

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Biel Chess Fest Round 3: Wang Hao-Nakamura Wild, Wild Game 1-0

The 2012 Biel Chess Festival is taking place from July 23 to August 2 and the Master Tournament (eleven rounds Swiss) includes six very strong grandmasters playing a double round robin: Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alex. Morozevich, Wang Hao, Etienne Bacrot and Anish Giri. But, Alexander Morozevich dropped out after Round 2 due to health reasons (Chess Blog news). He has been replaced by Viktor Bologan. Meanwhile, here is a wild game between Chinese No. 1 Wang Hao and the US Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura. On the subject of wild games, you have seen the brutal Chess Queen vs Wang Hao knockout checkmate video that’s gone viral?

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Fischer’s Chess Game of Four Queens: Dare to Draw Petrosian!

Tango with Chess Queens

The year was 1959. The masters were Robert James Fischer and Tigran Vartanovich Petrosian. Imagine having four chess queens on the board and the game ending in a draw. That’s as close as it could get. A game that must be studied and remembered. You can improve your chess training by finding master games in Giga King with Chess King. Games are available since the ‘beginning of time’!
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Swiss Chess Championship 2012: Korchnoi beats GM Gallagher but loses to GM Kosteniuk in Flims

Playing a legend: Kosteniuk takes on Korchnoi, 53 years her senior.

The beautiful Flims, Switzerland, is hosting the Swiss Open National Championship with a strong lineup including GMs Yannick Pelletier, Viktor Korchnoi (Kortschnoi/Kortchnoi), Joe Gallagher, Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk, and a few more Titled players. In an interesting encounter, in the third round, Kosteniuk beat Korchnoi and here is the game with Chess King. The standings after three rounds have GM Alexandra Kosteniuk (Rus / Sz) and IM Oliver Kurmann (Lucerne) leading with 2.5 points each. Track the Swiss chess event at official website. You can download or look at a PDF with full detailed analysis by Houdini 2 automatically generated by Chess King by clicking here. Take advantage of the $50 coupon INTROKING50 to get Chess King for only $49!

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Pawn-Roll Chess: Zhao Xue-Alexandra Kosteniuk 0-1

 Russia has won the traditional match against China in Peterburg. Some very interesting games were played in the event. For a full report check out this Chess Blog link and Chess Queen Kosteniuk’s Blog Post. Here is a great game full of ideas by 12th Women’s World Chess Champion Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk against the strong Zhao Xue – China Grandmaster.

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Friday-Night Chess Puzzle: Convert Positional Advantage into Material Win

Black to Play 21. ...? Can you play like the 12th Women's World Chess Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk?

Friday-night chess puzzle is all about converting a positional advantage into a material one Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk style. The 12th World Chess Champion was up against a fine player in the 2001 Women’s World Chess Championship. Figure out a winning plan for Black in the position and the 21st move for Black. Replay the game with Chess King for the full game and answer.
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Sexy Chess Queen Sac Boys Don’t Play

Actress Cate Blanchett who essayed the role of an ambitious, sexy queen who went to war with an aging rival queen played by Meryl Streep in Merchant Ivory's film 'Chess'. It was one of the many new movies of 2009 based on classic board games. We'd be delighted to receive more info on that from Chess King readers.

This is not just about a sexy chess queen sac that boys don’t make, but also about one of the most delightful chess king hunts in history. It was the year King of Rock ‘n Roll Elvis Presley told the world ‘I got a woman’ and US President Dwight D Eisenhower successfully ran for election. The point is can you recall this game? For all of us not even born then, it’s a chess game worth programming into our brains. The next few diagrams show key moments in the game to help you remember the much-analysed encounter.

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