T Salthouse Knight Chess Study: White Checkmates in Two (Don’t forget Composer was Blind)

Ever worried about too much horsing around in chess? Check this: The chess study is composed by T Salthouse, London Globe, 1911. White to play and checkmate in two. Don’t forget, the composer of this chess study, Salthouse was blind…

T Salthouse

Result: 1-0
Site: London Globe
Date: 1911
[…] 1.f8=♘ the Black King cannot move (1.f8=♕+ ♔xe6 nope doesn’t work) (1.c8=♘+ doesnt work) 1…♘a4 in any move by the Nb6 the pawn promotion to c8 for Knight is an unavoidable checkmate (1…♘g8 2.hxg8=♘# (0:00:38) 1.f8=N) (1…♘xh7 2.g8=♘#) (1…♘h5 2.g8=♘# basically Ng8 checkmate is unavoidable) (1…♘c8 2.bxc8=♘#) 2.c8=♘# (0:00:17) 1. (0:00:38) 1.f8=N

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