T Gorghiyev Chess Study: White to Play and Win

Let’s begin a chess-full week with this nice chess study by T Gorghiyev, 1929. White to play and win. Remember if Black manages to exchange a piece, he would be able to hold draw. What White needs to do is pick up at least one piece for free and force a win. Can you figure it out? Take your time. Chess requires patience and you will need it today :) Hint: The first move pretty much forces it all!!!

Chess Study by T Gorghiyev

Result: 1-0
Date: 1929

[…] 1.♗f6+ ♔h7 2.♖g7+ ♔h6 (2…♔h8 3.♖xe7+ ♔g8 4.♖e8+ ♔f7 5.♖xd8) 3.♖f7 ♔g6 4.♖f8 ♘c6

4…♗b6 5.♗xe7 and the White King will march forward to take part in the long endgame, but a winning endgame at that

(4…♔f5 5.♗xe7+) (4…♔h7 5.♖xd8) 5.♗xd8 ♔g7 6.♖e8 ♔f7 7.♖h8 ♔g7 8.♗f6+ ♔xf6 9.♖h6+ ♔f5 10.♖xc6

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