Stay-Alert Chess Puzzle: White Wins (Kasparov – Negulescu 1-0)

Former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is known not to miss any tactic on the chess board. Here’s a position from the game Kasparov vs Adrian Negulescu, Cagnes sur Mer, 1977. What do you think White played for a checkmate in three?

Kasparov – Negulescu

Result: 1-0
Site: Cagnes sur Mer
Date: 1977
[…] 1.♕g4 “threatening checkmate with Rh5 and keeping the Qg5 checkmate threat alive – Simple?” 1…♕e5

1…♕f7 “The queen cannot leave hold of the g5 square cause of checkmate” 2.♕g5#

2.♖xe5 ♖g7 3.♖h5# (0:01:44) 1. (3.♕h5#)

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