Sniffing-a-Win Chess Puzzle: Where’s the Checkmate?

This balanced position came up on the board in the game Schuh-Beda, Groningen, 1991. White was considering all types of sacrifices on h7 for a forced win. Was that correct? What do you think White should play for a forced win? You can sniff “something” is in the air for sure… is it a checkmate?


Result: 1-0
Site: Groningen
Date: 1991

[…] 1.¦xg7 threatening checkmate on h7 with Rh3-h7

1…¢xg7 (1…£g8 2.¦xg8+ ¦xg8 3.£h6 ¦g7 4.£xf6) 2.£h6+ ¢f7 (2…¢h8 3.£xh7#) (2…¢g8 3.£xh7#) 3.£xh7#

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