Smart-Move Chess Puzzle: White Wins

One smart move at the right time can win you a cool chess game. Here’s a position from the game Naiditsch vs A J Steigman, Cannes, 1997. Can you see what was White’s winning move?

Naiditsch – A J Steigman

Result: 1-0
Site: Cannes
Date: 1997
[…] 1.♗h5 ♕xh5 (1…♕xh6 2.♗xe8 ♖fxe8 3.♖xe8+ ♖xe8 4.♖xe8+ ♔f7 5.♖xh8)

1…♕f6 2.♕xf6 ♖xf6 3.♖xe8+ ♖xe8 4.♖xe8+ ♖f8 5.hxg7
5.♖e7 gxh6 (5…♘f7 6.hxg7 ♔xg7 7.♔f2) 6.♖d7 ♖f6 7.♖a7

5…♔xg7 6.♖xf8 ♔xf8 7.♘f3

2.♖xg7+ (2.♕xg7+ ♘xg7 3.♖xg7#) 2…♘xg7 3.♕xg7#

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