Smart-Checkmate Chess Puzzle: Vassily Ivanchuk – Bozidar Ivanovic 1-0

Here’s a position from the game of a very talented yet, possibly, the most unpredictable (playing strength-wise) Grandmaster of our times – Vassily Ivanchuk. This game was played in New York in 1988 against Bozidar Ivanovic. White to play and win.

Vassily Ivanchuk – Bozidar Ivanovic

Result: 1-0
Site: New York
Date: 1988

[…] 1.f5+ ¢h6

(1…¢f6 2.¥d4# (0:00:03) 1.f5+)

2.¥f8# (0:00:01) 1.

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