Simple Chess Puzzle: Petrosian – Spassky 1-0

Master Chess Class for Wednesday features a simply position. Indeed, it was played among two greats: Petrosian and Spassky. White to play and win. Should be a piece of cake – chess cake that is. Happy solving chess puzzles with #1 chess blog for puzzles and games.

Petrosian – Spassky

Result: 1-0
Site: Moscow
Date: 1966

[…] 1.♕h8+ ♔xh8 2.♘xf7+ ♔g8 (2…♔g7 3.♘xg5) 3.♘xg5

And, White’s well on their way to winning!

2 Responses to “Simple Chess Puzzle: Petrosian – Spassky 1-0”

  • J Wan says:

    Hi, on the puzzle Keres-Alekhine 1-0 on 1-July-2013, it looks identical to the game between Petrosian and Spassky from a WCC match.

  • Chess King Admin says:

    Indeed J Wan. We noticed the error the moment we saw it.
    Thank you for pointing that out.
    We also picked up the Chess King training software which has a neat function.
    You set up a position and click ‘search position’ in the GigaKing database of millions of games played since the “beginning of time”.
    Bingo. Chess King found this position having come up in the Petrosian-Spassky World Championship Match, 1966.

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