If you are a user of any Chess King software we love you and want to do all we can to have you upgrade to our newest and best versions, Chess King 4 and Chess King 4 Pro. We have great upgrade offers for all users of any prior version of Chess King, especially if you bought it within the last 6 months. If you own any of the previous versions of Chess King and would like to upgrade to Chess King 4 or Chess King 4 Pro, all you need to do is email us to support@chess-king.com which upgrade you would like from the following: 1) CHESS KING 3 PRO to CHESS KING 4 PRO 2) CHESS KING [1] PRO to CHESS KING 4 PRO 3) CHESS KING 3 [MAX] to CHESS KING 4 [DEEP] 4) CHESS KING 2 to CHESS KING 4 [DEEP] and indicate your current version and serial number, and when and where you bought it. You will get in return an upgrade offer specially for you. Besides those upgrades to Chess King 4 and Chess King 4 Pro, registered owners or buyers of the original Chess King 1 can get a free download upgrade to Chess King 2 (major upgrade – new interface, more functions, Windows 8 compatible, multilingual), see below to get it at no cost.

Upgrade from Chess King 1 to Chess King 2 with Houdini 2 Download (new June 2013) FREE!

Upgrade from Chess King 1 to Chess King 2 With Houdini 2 Download [June 2013] FREE!

Chess King 2 with Houdini 2 is the new June 2013 version of the top selling Chess King chess software that was introduced at the end of 2011.

Chess King 2 is now as easy-to-use and as powerful than ever, includes more games and puzzles, and is powered by the super grandmaster engine Houdini 2.

If you have Chess King 1, it is very worthwhile to upgrade. You get a new updated and improved interface with more functions, more games up to April 2013, as well as full compatibility with Windows 8 and a choices of interface in 5 languages.

Note: you will need your original Chess King 1 serial number for this upgrade to work.

AVAILABLE TODAY AND FREE. The order will not formally go through since the price is 0 (zero), so simply email us to support@chess-king.com and you will get an email with all links and instructions within 1-3 hours, no later than within 24 hours.


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