Get all 6 software programs at a significant discount.

Each software program is standalone and does not require any additional program or interface. Easy and fast to install.  Covers all the chess education needed to become an accomplished player, in all important areas of chess study: Openings, Tactics, Strategy, Endgames.

Theory and Practice are presented in an easy-to-follow and beautiful interface, that will help you or your kids or students improve at chess fast.

All software programs allow for multiple users (siblings, friends, or students), and individual ELO ratings are calculated for each user individually.

Easy for parents and coaches to follow the progress of their child and students, and also easy to set up practice sessions, with exercises varying in number and/or diffculty.

It’s no wonder the general level of chess is increasing when young players have such powerful tools at their disposal. We expect to see a future world chess champion come out from the ranks of this Chess King Training package.

COMBO DISCOUNT normal price $24.99 x 6 = $149.94. COMBO discounted price $99.96.

Note: SUBSTITUTIONS ALLOWED, choose any 6 disks from the CD-ROM series or Chess King Training DVD's or Alexandra Kosteniuk's DVD's and pay the same price. Email us after the order to confirm your selection.

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