Sharp-Tactics Chess Puzzle: Kasparov vs Evgeny Pigusov 1-0

Let’s go for a simple chess tactics puzzle from the game Kasparov vs Evgeny Pigusov, Riga, 1977. White to play and win.

Kasparov vs Evgeny Pigusov

Result: 1-0
Site: Riga
Date: 1977
[…] 1.♗xg6 uncovering an attack on the Black Queen with the Rf3 and at the same time threatening Qh7 1…fxg6

1…♕xf3 2.♕h7+ ♔f8 3.gxf3 ♖ac8 4.♕h8+ ♔e7 5.♕g7 ♔e8 6.♕g8+ ♔e7 7.♕xf7+ ♔d8 8.♕e8#

2.♖xa3 ♖g7 3.♕f6

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