Sexy Chess Queen Sac Boys Don’t Play

Actress Cate Blanchett who essayed the role of an ambitious, sexy queen who went to war with an aging rival queen played by Meryl Streep in Merchant Ivory's film 'Chess'. It was one of the many new movies of 2009 based on classic board games. We'd be delighted to receive more info on that from Chess King readers.

This is not just about a sexy chess queen sac that boys don’t make, but also about one of the most delightful chess king hunts in history. It was the year King of Rock ‘n Roll Elvis Presley told the world ‘I got a woman’ and US President Dwight D Eisenhower successfully ran for election. The point is can you recall this game? For all of us not even born then, it’s a chess game worth programming into our brains. The next few diagrams show key moments in the game to help you remember the much-analysed encounter.

Bazooka 11. ...Na4 Shocking/Stunning/Magnificent

Over to you: 14.Bxe7 What did Black play?

17.Kf1 on check

17.Kf1 and Black plays 17. ...Be6 Reuben Fine annotated that with four exclamation marks.

17. … Be6 was ‘I love you Mrs Robinson’ and ‘sorry for the cruel goodbye’ from Black. White was sure 17. … Be6 was  one sexy chess queen sac a boy cannot make. White thwacked the Queen off the board.  Black won viciously.  Guessed the chess game yet? Here is the entire chess game once more.

Who played White – Who played Black

Result: 0-1
Site: This game was nicknamed what
Date: ?

[…] 1.¤f3 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 ¥g7 4.d4 O-O 5.¥f4 d5 6.£b3 dxc4 7.£xc4 c6 8.e4 ¤bd7 9.¦d1 ¤b6 10.£c5 ¥g4 11.¥g5 ¤a4 12.£a3 ¤xc3 13.bxc3 ¤xe4 14.¥xe7 £b6 15.¥c4 ¤xc3 16.¥c5 ¦fe8+ 17.¢f1 ¥e6 18.¥xb6 ¥xc4+ 19.¢g1 ¤e2+ 20.¢f1 ¤xd4+ 21.¢g1 ¤e2+ 22.¢f1 ¤c3+ 23.¢g1 axb6 24.£b4 ¦a4 25.£xb6 ¤xd1 26.h3 ¦xa2 27.¢h2 ¤xf2 28.¦e1 ¦xe1 29.£d8+ ¥f8 30.¤xe1 ¥d5 31.¤f3 ¤e4 32.£b8 b5 33.h4 h5 34.¤e5 ¢g7 35.¢g1 ¥c5+ 36.¢f1 ¤g3+ 37.¢e1 ¥b4+ 38.¢d1 ¥b3+ 39.¢c1 ¤e2+ 40.¢b1 ¤c3+ 41.¢c1 ¦c2#

6 Responses to “Sexy Chess Queen Sac Boys Don’t Play”

  • Richard Ashwell says:

    D Bryne – Fisher
    Game of the Century

    Though I don’t understand the “boys don’t play” part of the article title. Perhaps it was commentary on boys vs men, but I was expecting something more like a game played by a women with a queen sac.

  • Jeremy says:

    This game was Donald Byrne v. Bobby Fischer, dubbed “Game of the Century,” played on 10/17/56.

  • adrian kaifn, dubai says:

    Great game. @Richard – the headline is about how Byrne thought this is a queen sac this 13-year-old cannot make. i keep going back to that game just for the joy of it. thanks chess king – now with all those new story hooks i would remember it better. :)

  • Alexis Cochran, NZ says:

    Lovely i must go backto studying chess

  • saira fernandes, madrid says:

    amazing. I heard so much about Fischer. It would have been great if he were alive now.

  • Alberto says:

    I could not remember the name but I remembered that Fischer and Byrne played it

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