Sacrifice Chess Puzzle: Kasparov – Begun 1-0

Can you think like Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion? This position is from the game Kasparov – Begun Minsk, 1978. You can find all of Kasparov’s games in the Gigaking Chess Database. White to play and win. Try and work out as many lines as you can after you get the magic move!

Kasparov – Begun Minsk

Result: 1-0
Site: Minsk
Date: 1978
[…] 1.♗xg6 ♘f6

1…hxg6 2.♕e4 ♘g7
2…♗f8 3.♕xg6+ ♗g7
3…♘g7 4.♖fd1 (4.♘g4 e5 5.♘f6+) 4…♖e7 (4…♖ac8 5.♘g4 e5 6.♘f6+) 5.♘g4 e5 6.♘f6+

4.♕f7+ ♔h8 (4…♔h7 5.♕xh5) 5.♕xh5

3.♗xg7 ♔xg7 4.♕xg6+ ♔h8 5.♘f7#

(1…♔h8 2.♘f7+ ♔g8 3.♗xh5 ♗xf1 4.♕e5) 2.♗xh7+

2…♘xh7 3.♕e4 ♗d3 4.♕xd3 ♘f8 5.♕g3+ ♗g5 6.♕xg5+ ♘g6 7.♕xg6+ ♔h8 8.♕f6+ ♔h7 9.♕g7# (0:00:09) 2.Bxh7+
2…♔xh7 3.♕b1+ ♗d3 4.♕xd3+ ♘e4 5.♕xe4+ ♔g8 6.♕g6+ ♔h8 7.♕g7# (0:00:09) 2.Bxh7+

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