Sac Chess: What’s White’s Killer Weapon?

Improve your chess with a daily dose of Chess King puzzles and games. White has managed to find a great sac that leads to a forced win. Think about it and see if you can calculate all the variations.

Naer – Ionov

Result: 1-0
Site: St Petersburg
Date: 2004

[…] 1.♖xg7+ ♔h8 (1…♔xg7 2.♕g5+ ♔h8 3.♕f6+ ♔g8 4.♖g1# (0:00:02) 1.Rxg7+) 2.♖xh7+ ♔xh7

2…♔g8 3.♕g5+ ♔xh7 4.♕h4+ ♔g7 (4…♔g8 5.♖g1# (0:00:00) 4.Qh4+) 5.♖g1# (0:00:00) 3.Qg5+

3.♗f5+ ♔g7 4.♕g5+ ♔h8 5.♕f6+ ♔g8 6.♖g1# (0:00:01) 1.

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